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Why Saito & Law Enforcement

Saito University College is committed to Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives with its market-driven programmes. As you are about to take your first step into the working world, we are here for you and with you in every step of your journey!


Founded in 1988, we boast a history of quality education with your progression in mind. Today, we are one of the premier institutions offering programmes in Law Enforcement.


Law enforcement and security management have evolved with the advent of science and technology. Realising this, Saito has created a school that caters to the education and the training of law enforcement professionals for both public and private sectors.


Together with Safeguard Corporation, a strong partner and various corporate organisations and government bodies, Saito has crafted award-winning security management programmes that enable students to understand, appreciate and apply the knowledge and skills in the intricacies of modern law enforcement and security management. This allows graduates to get employment in the Uniform Services and Private Security Services not just within Malaysia but overseas as well.


There are also plenty of employment and career advancement opportunities and our students are placed in various top law enforcement and security agencies like the Royal Malaysia Police, Fire and Rescue Department, Immigration Department and other related agencies or companies.


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Assoc. Prof DR. Kulandasamy
PIS Deputy Vice Chancellor

  • Former Head of Research and Language Unit Mohd Khalid Teachers Traing College JB

  • Senior Instructor for Smart School Programme Teacher's Training Division, Ministry of Education

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TS Dr Zahar Ali
Executive Dean of Saito Security Academy

  • Over 25 years of experience in the Higher Education, Corporate and Hospitality Sector

  • Professional Technologist (Malaysia Board of Technology)

  • Green Belt, Six Sigma, ITIL Certified and a HRDF Certified Trainer

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Tuan Hj. Yusof Bin Wok
PACE Programme Coordinator

  • Former Principal Assistant Director (Operations), Internal Security and Public Order Department, Bukit Aman

  • With more than 30 years experience in PDRM

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Muhammad Khairi Aizuddin bin Hamsar
Head of Department, Saito Security Academy

  • LLB (Hons) from UiTM

  • With 7 years of experience as a law enforcement lecturer in Saito Security Academy



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