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Universities / Colleges Application

If you couldn't apply for your dream university or college for any reason, we are here to help! Just drop us a message and we'll have you covered!

Education Counselling

Need informations of courses or universities? No worries! We got your back! We have informations of over 128+ universities/colleges in Malaysia. Just drop us a message and we'll send you everything you need.

Student Visa Application

Having trouble with your student visa? EduLink has over 10 years of experience in student visa application. Contact us for help.

Scholarships / PTPTN Application

Didn't know studying in university / college can be free?  We have helped over 400+ students to successfully apply for scholarships and financial aids available. Do contact us for professional advice.

Accomodation Arrangement

Looking for hostel? Our partner agents will show you the best accomodation with best price around your university.

Campus Tour Arrangement

Want to check out a university/college to view the state-of-the-art facilities? Our friendly consultant will give you a campus tour. Just make an appointment with us!

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